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Visual Novel #7

Well, it seems that I’ve abandoned #6.  However Blake survived the horrible accident and will probably push forward into #7.  Though he was essential as being the template for all future sprites.  As opposed to the first attempt at a Visual Novel and none of those characters survived as I’ve tried a little harder to make sure the anatomy doesn’t go all screwy when I mirror the image.

I’ll probably have to redo Blake though, as his lineart is a lot stronger than the others.  Speaking of others…

The current project will feature about 8 characters.  Here’s 4 that are solidified and have a species.  The rest will be decided upon later.  I posted the picture to my SF account to poll some of the people following me there for what they’d like to see for the remaining 4.

Thus far I have two stories that will play out.  I wanted to keep using my sprites, and when in a forum dedicated to the Visual Novel scene I asked how often people re-use sprites, it was a definite ‘no’ or ‘no, and I’d be confused to see them in a different setting.  Then I started thinking in meta.  What if these guys were actors on a series of episodes?  Then that would be a plausible reason to use them for more than one visual novel.

So now I had to come up with a story that will fit an episodic content format.  I was thinking psychological horror at the start, but after finishing the Lost Room series I started thinking about a paranormal/supernatural thriller.  That might work out even better for a series as well.  So what could I do to bring people together?  A motel/hotel/resort!  Then my friend suggested that I could make something like Dante’s Cove—except that it would be good.

So this is the path that I’m currently walking down.  Wish me luck!

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