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VN7 - Psionics

Let’s face it, I go into something a little half cocked.  I wanted to put magic in the series, mostly so that it would open things up to a bit of a puzzle element to each episode.  Of course, I’m not as familiar with magic and it’s ‘everyday application’ the way I could image psychic abilities.  That’s totally within my realm, as I’m that sci-fi guy more than a fantasy guy.

So let’s push into psionics.

I went into researching the stereotypical powers.  Clairvoyance, Precognition, Telepathy, Telekinesis… then I remembered that there was a fully realized world of psychic powers that sadly had a horrible story.  Push.  While lots of ideas were very interesting, it wasn’t put to great use.

For me, I’m going to compile a list of stuff and see what interesting elements I can use to create puzzles with.  Of course, with multiple ways of solving it, as I intend to give each character a power or two that they can use.

Well, with that said, I can post up on the Pyrokinetic.

In a quick poll of FA and SF, I found that Lions were a popular choice.  I figured I’d need an additional feline to that cast, so that really works out.  Then the ideas started to pour out.  Now that I was going in the direction of psychic powers, I could now have a hot headed pyrokinetic.  He’s that short, quite stacked lion.  And then I can definitely see how that will play out as the game goes along.  Of course, as an actor, he’s very relaxed easy-come-easy-go nice guy.  Likes long walks on beaches, drinks fruity cocktails, hasn’t held a steady relationship since most of the guys want the hot headed personality he plays on the ‘show’.

Though, I can go either way on how popular the ‘show’ is in their world.  Whether it’s a few very niche TV show aimed at gay guys or a very standard and rather popular prime time series.  I’ll have to think about that one for a while.

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