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The History and Meta-History

I really liked the idea that each of my sprites had their On Screen persona/character on the show and have a life away from all of that.

Names have yet to come.  That’s usually last on my list because I take forever coming up with names.

But the Lion is the Chef. He’s a bit of a hot-headed and temperamental one.  He graduated top of the class in a four year Culinary Art Program at a Community College. He’s not the best at what he does, but you’re probably better of not telling that to his face if you value your fur.

Off the show, he’s was a pop-star in a world famous boy-band, until his sexuality became big news.  His agent managed couldn’t get him anything until Hot Days, Mystic Nights: New Haven went into the works.  The producers didn’t seem to mind the scandals over the alleged sex tapes, in fact, quite the opposite, they loved them.  He’s really excited to be working on the show and is glad that he doesn’t have to put on the charade of celebrity girlfriends and fake affairs.

It’s interesting that I can play around with two worlds.  One in which there is a universe where people come into these psychic powers and sometimes end up at a paranormal hotel, where it’s cheesy and campy and has sexy guys getting gay, then a world outside of that that’s just as prejudiced and hostile as our own.

Sadly, I’ve yet to do the emotions for the raccoon.

Anyhow, he’s the cheerful, happy-go-lucky bellhop of the hotel.  He was pretty down on his luck his entire life, until he discovered his abilities just two years ago.  Now he’s found himself at the hotel, and life’s looking good.

Off screen, he’s one of the producers.  He was a child actor on several TV shows and became a producer for several successful shows.  After the finale of his last show, he realized that he’d love to be in front of the camera again.  Like his character, he was a late-bloomer, and realized his orientation later in life.  So he wants the elements of that to show on the show.

Art mimics life, and life mimics art, right?

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